Design Services

Sometimes the path to the perfect red is clear; other times it takes an expert guide to help light the way. Finding the right shade for your space can be no easy feat. Colors can react very differently in varied light and across multiple surfaces, and for many of us it’s both an emotional choice and a practical decision.

We’ve seen enough frustration among our clients to know how overwhelming color selection can be and those typically tiny paint swatches can lead many clients to choose colors far too intense or too dull for their surroundings and for their personality.

Waters & Brown offers comprehensive design consultants to help you outfit your surroundings with colors and aesthetics that speak to you.

From guidance in selecting not only paint tones, but wallpaper, custom furniture, and a wide array of décor products, our design consultants are your full-service experts in bringing harmony to your space and your life.

Our typical in-home design consults are $125 per hour, by appointment. In-store consults are free of charge, however appointments can be made for one-on-one consults for $60 per hour.

Call us to set up an in-store or on-site design consult today!