Wood Stains & Finishes

Custom Finish Services

Stains and wood finishes can provide complex character and unique beauty to just about any space, whether you’re trying to recreate the smoky walnut hues of your grandfather’s rocking chair or add warm honeyed tones to your new cabinets and woodwork.

By penetrating the wood fibers, stains accent the natural grain pattern of each species of wood, while clear varnishes, oils, and polyurethanes provide surface protection and create new levels of depth and iridescence.

Designing these elaborate finishes can be quite a project, which is why Waters & Brown is proud to be one of the only retailers to provide expert wood finish matching services. We employ an impressive array of traditional and cutting-edge products and techniques to put the finishing touches on your most complex projects.

To craft the perfect match:

  • Bring in a target sample of the stain to be replicated as well as a sample of the surface you plan to stain. Each species of wood takes stain differently, so the wood you use matters; the same stain will look quite different when used on a soft wood like pine vs. a dense wood like maple.
  • Stain matching is a time-intensive process and most will take at least 24 hours to achieve a precise result.
  • Due to the time and effort required for a perfect match, we apply a  labor fee in addition to materials, starting at $30.00 for the average match.
  • We document the process we use to create your custom stains, providing step-by-step instructions and storing the formulations in our database.

Every stain is unique, so contact us for more information!