Custom Mahogany Deck

This mahogany deck in Nahant, Massachusetts was stained with C2 Guard Fusion wood preservative. The homeowners needed to select a product that could repel and stand up to the harsh weather that comes with living on the water.

Water, while essential to a tree's growth is detrimental to cut wood and lumber. That's because when wood is processed, the bark, which is the tree's protective covering, is removed. This makes the wood susceptible to cracking, cupping, and warping. In order to protect wooden decks and siding, the "bark" needs to be put back on the wood. 

The most common sealers and waterproofers on the market are water repelling stains and preservatives. When applied, these coatings create a shell on top of the wood that prevents water from being absorbed. However, these stains and preservatives only sit on the wood, so once they break down over time, they no longer repel moisture. 

C2 Guard does more than just sit on the wood's surface. It's made up of nanoparticles that are small enough to fall through porous wood, filling up the hollowed cell walls. C2 Guard becomes part of the cellular structure, creating a barrier that stops water intrusion completely. This enhanced cellular structure resists water penetration longer than any other product on the market, helping to prevent cracking, splitting, or warping, while at the same time reducing the effects of mold and mildew. 

On top of that, C2 guard can be tinted to your desired color. The homeowners of the Nahant deck chose a mahogany color which they will be enjoying for years.