Fine paints of europe hollandlac red

Beautiful, high-performance paint produced in Europe meet stringent environmental and quality standards. Fine Paints of Europe (FPE) began importing these high-quality colors from Holland to Woodstock, Vermont in 1987, and works with select dealers across the United States to provide top-notch service and products to homeowners around the country.

In addition, FPE believes that the contractor applying the coating is just as critical to a job well done as the paint itself. Through FPE’s Certified Painting Contractor Program, clients can easily access carefully trained painters who have been certified by FPE after a specialized training in Woodstock, Vermont.

Please contact us for a certified FPE contractor referral.


Fine Paints of Europe imports a number of paints from the Netherlands, all of which look fantastic on trim, doors, shutters, and furniture.

Eurolux Acrylic Paint

  • Low VOC, low toxicity, and odorless formulation.
  • Scrubbable finish: Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s rooms.
  • Non-Yellowing whites: Ideal for use in U.V. deprived areas like windowless rooms.

Eco Waterborne Paint

  • Combines best features of both acrylic and alkyd formulations.
  • Releases 90% less VOC’s than a conventional solventborne domestic coating.
  • Great alternative to Hollandlac in situations where an oil-based paint cannot be used.
  • Brushes or rolls on effortlessly and levels beautifully.

Hollandlac Traditional Oil-Based Paint

  • Deemed the "Shiniest paint in North America.”
  • High-performance, marine quality alkyd enamel.
  • Heavily pigmented formulation provides superior hiding power and resists fading.
  • Use on any interior or exterior surface including wood, plaster, wallboard, metals, and plastic.


To try Fine Paints of Europe’s high-quality finishes and colors, come see us at Waters & Brown for a 0.5L sample of the Eurolux acrylic paint.