General finishes wood finishing samples

General Finishes has been perfecting wood finishing since 1928. Recognized by the industry for their firm commitment to the efficacy of water-based formulas, General Finishes has designed a diverse product line to suit wooden furniture, cabinets, siding, and floors.

Today, General Finishes produces the deepest and broadest line of professional water-based products in the country including pigmented stains, dye stains, colored acrylics, glazes, exterior stains, pre-catalyzed urethanes, and sanding sealers.

In addition, they have also created excellent online resources for homeowners. Check out their how-to videos and design center for coating ideas.


General Finishes produces award-winning water-based and oil based finishes.

Enduro Professional Water Based Wood Finishing Products

  • Apply to cabinets, table tops, dressers, and wainscoting by spraying on and wiping back.
  • Intermix their 10 standard stain bases to make an endless amount of rich, deep colors.
  • Available in either gallons or quarts.

Water Based Wood Stains and Dyes

  • Formulated with a proprietary blend of pigments and dyes to provide rich colors.
  • 2 to 4 hour dry time meaning you can re-coat and top coat in one day. 
  • Provides oil like depth & clarity without the oil-based cleanup hassle. 

Water Based Top Coats

  • Awarded "best overall" and "best brush-on" awards from Fine Woodworking.
  • Most versatile and top selling product from General Finishings. 
  • Ideal for furniture, cabinets, chair rails, or any high traffic areas in the house.
  • Available in flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss. Can be applied by brush or spray.

Milk Paint

  • A better alternative to chalk paint.
  • Perfect for the DIYer wanting to create an antiqued, shabby chic, distressed or modern look. 
  • 100% acrylic formulation means that it's very durable and can be used both inside and out. 


To try General Finishes, visit us at either Waters & Brown store locations and we'll help you select the perfect product.